Elm Initiative

Employment, Learning, Mentoring (ELM) for high school and young adults.  ELM teaches employment skills and work force training while building ongoing social skills. 

The ELM program currently operates programs in the following areas: hospitality industry, construction, maintenance and landscaping, and housekeeping.

The ELM Program takes advantage of our existing relationships with many youth and young adults to provide job training that will bridge them to the working world.  To bring youth to a place where they can succeed, we take a four-step approach:

  • Mentorship Program: We start with a pre-existing base of a mentoring and trust relationship
  • Workforce skill trainingsStaff teach basic workplace skills
  • Work VentureYouth work in one of our in house work ventures learning basic job skills with staff whom they know and trust
  • Full Work Venture OpportunityYouth are bridged into a position with a partner company where they perform the skills they have learned working for our programs, supervised by a new manager, and mentored by the staff worker they have known by years.

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