EVO first met Aleeshia as a single mother of 5 children living in Lawrenceville in 2010.  Three of her children attended EVO for after-school tutoring for 2 years through the No Child Left Behind initiative.  During this time, her family had been adopted as a special care package to receive individualized Christmas gifts for each member.  The children loved coming to EVO but were often taken home early due to inappropriate behaviors.   Contact was lost with Aleeshia at the end of the 2011 school year due to her moving to the Lincoln/ Lemington area and changing schools. 

After two years of not seeing the children, the staff of EVO coincidently ran into the children and mother at random places in the East End.  Her children were invited to re-attend.  This time there are 4 children coming.  EVO picks them up daily from Lincoln School and drops them at home in the evening.  Mom attends some of the adult outreach events at EVO.

Her recent comment,” I wish I had remained in contact with EVO 3 years ago.  I should have known who my TRUE FRIENDS were, who would stand beside me, and who would love my kids for who they are.  I am so sorry that it has taken be 3 more years to learn this.  My kids have already started to change since coming for the last 4 months.  They are nicer to each other than they used to be.  Thank You!”

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