As another successful year at EVO comes to an end, my family will like to just really send a letter of appreciation and thanks for all that has been done for us. Although it has been over five years ago it seems like yesterday my children was running up to me insisting that we allow them to attend EVO. Taking into consideration there wasn’t anything else in the community for them to do, we agreed. What an excellent decision!! The initial reason for allowing them to attend was to keep them busy and involved in some form of activity. But that was only the beginning of what attending EVO has done for our family.  Over the years the interest in my children reading, math and school activities has greatly increase. I have watched my children go from average in these areas to the top of their class. They have learned and developed new ways to deal with their feelings and how to react to confrontation. The interaction with different race and culture taught them to see things from different point of view, the youth and family involvement is priceless. Everything I watch over the years has been done in passion and GOD’s love. EVO gives family hope and the desire to want to be involved. I have personally witness the hard work EVO has put in and it has inspired and encourages us as parents to want to be more involved in the community.  It has taught me to show a greater interest in my children and their social, physical and emotional development. To watch all four of my children benefit from this organization has been an amazing privilege. I pray you continue to be a light in the community for your service is mandatory and families need it. Please continue to build families. Thanks EVO on a job well done. YOU ROCK AND WE LOVE YOU!!


The Moses Family

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