Performing Arts and Visual Arts

The Performing Arts reaches out to children and youth through the stage using song, dance, poetry, and acting. The Visual Arts are experienced as the youth participate in crafts, sewing, cooking and community partnerships that allow for additional arts.

The participants have opportunities to dance, drum, sing or play musical instruments, cook, paint, do crafts and other art forms.   The youth listen and read lyrics, are exposed to the individual artists and what their lives look like, and are challenged to improve their lives. Each individual is engaged in directive faith-based Biblical discussion about their life choices, challenging them to improve their character, social skills and social knowledge. Capstone performances are scheduled at least quarterly, and much more frequently for middle school groups, take place in houses, and at various public events.  Field trips and group presentations are organized around the arts, recreational activities, academic learning and mentoring.

If you would like for your child to participate or know of any child that would be interested in participating, please call 412-681-7272. This is a 9 month program, so feel free to contact at any time.




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