Internship Application


Interns who successfully complete our Summer Internship Program are able to achieve and excel at the following:


Technology and Analytical Learning Outcomes

  • Creating training materials.
  • Maintaining and troubleshooting technology.
  • Analyzing or visualizing data to create information.
  • Creating and maintaining required documentation.
  • Selecting appropriate technologies.
  • Acquiring and evaluating information.
  • Performing effective and informative user testing.


Cognitive Learning Outcomes

  • Organizing and maintaining information.
  • Applying knowledge to the task.
  • Negotiating and arriving at a decision.
  • Working with diversity/diverse populations.
  • Identifying, understanding and working with professional standards.
  • Working in cross-cultural and/or multicultural settings.
  • Learning how to learn.
  • Improving problem-solving and critical thinking skills.
  • Monitoring and correcting performance.


Professional Learning Outcomes

  • Exercising leadership
  • Behaving professionally.
  • Behaving ethically.
  • Listening effectively.
  • Dressing appropriately.
  • Addressing colleagues and superiors appropriately.
  • Allocating time effectively.
  • Teaching others.
  • Adapting effectively to changing conditions.
  • Participating as a member of a team.
  • Developing appropriate workplace attitudes.
  • Understanding and managing personal behavior and attitudes.
  • Developing individual responsibility.

Our internship application is available in a downloadable file that you can either print and fill out or complete on your computer and email.  Please take the time to fully consider the questions.


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