*Healthy Meals

More than 22,000 meals are served year round, free of charge to those who participate at EVO and through off-site programs. Research indicates that 85% of children go hungry in the summer months and weekends when they are not in school. EVO fills the gap in this critical area. Serving healthy meals offers the opportunity to help stamp out childhood hunger as the physical needs of children and youth are met.  

  • EVO serves 10 - 12 feeding sites throughout each summer while using the ELM Initiative to help with employment and food preparation.  
  • More that 400 home-made tasty USDA meals are prepared daily and sent out to different food sites in the East End of Pittsburgh.  
  • EVO is the second largest non-governmental summer food provider in Allegheny County.  There are only 5 non-governmental sponsors in the county with more than 2 sites. 
  • The food that EVO serves to the sites located in the above areas is freshly cooked on a daily basis with fresh fruits and vegetables.  
  • During the summer of 2018, there was average of 22,000 meals served.   


EVO has begun to serve 'hot meals' to After-School Programs free of charge throughout the school year.  These meals guarantee that all children will have 3 healthy meals daily, ensuring that the children are not going home hungry at the end of the day.   

If you are an After-School Program that would be interested in receiving a free, hot, home-made meal for your children, please reach out.  earthenvessels98@gmail.com

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