Eliminating Childhood Hunger - Feeding the Hungry

EVO has served more than 22,000 meals on a yearly basis to children 18 and under during the 2014, 2015, and 2016 years.  94% of the children attending the local feeder schools that we most predominantly work with are part of state free and reduced lunch program.  During the summers, these children 'go hungry' who would otherwise receive "Free and Reduced lunches" throughout the school year.  

EVO serves 10 - 12 feeding sites throughout each summer while using the ELM Program to help with employment and food preparation.  More that 400 home-made tasty USDA meals are prepared daily and sent out to different food sites in the East End of Pittsburgh.  EVO is the second largest non-governmental summer food provider in Allegheny County.  There are only 5 non-governmental sponsors in the county with more than 2 sites.  The food that EVO serves to the sites located in the above areas is freshly cooked on a daily basis with fresh fruits and vegetables.  During the summers between of 2014 and 2016, there was average of 17,500 meals served.   

During the upcoming 2017 summer, EVO is launching a new effort to help eliminate childhood hunger.   EVO is starting a new food outreach to the community using “A Food Truck” that will be distributing food to 2 new open food sites.  Any child under the age of 18 is welcome to be served food from the truck.  In addition to the serving of the food, nutrition lessons, and group games will be hosted daily.  We are anticipating an additional 50 - 100 children to be fed daily through the ‘food truck’ outreach.  Another outreach that will be offered is for the van to go to local baseball and football games and serve a hot meal during the fall season. 

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