Adult's Achieve

Young adults who did not successfully complete high school have a chance to re-enroll through Penn Foster and complete their high school diploma.

EVO has been working with over 3000 at-risk youth in the east end of Pittsburgh for the last 15 years. The youth that had initially attended EVO programs are grown up. Many did not graduate - 50% who attended graduation were given a certificate of attendance to look like they received a diploma but did not.

EVO has begun to reach out to this audience & offer Adult Education: ex. High School Diploma, Driver's License test, and testing etc. 

A High School Diploma can be achieved through EVO’s partnership with Penn-Foster.  

During the 2015 year, EVO enrolled 2 individuals into the Penn Foster Program. 1 completed their Diploma in 3 months, having been able to have 16 credits transfer. The other individual had no credits transfer and had a 3-year goal of completion.  During the fall of 2016 and the winter of 2017, EVO had 2 more individuals graduate from high school.  One was the 3 year plan, and the other an adult who had their dreams fulfilled.  

As a Pilot Program, 10 adults will be registered for their High School Diploma. The adults will be required to obtain their transcripts and submit them to EVO and to Penn Foster. Based on the number of credits accepted, the final cost of the program is determined. 

Evaluation occurs on a monthly basis. Each individual will be required to create a timeline in regards to how much will be achieved on a weekly basis and how long it will take to complete the entire program. This timeline will be reviewed monthly and altered if the initial goals were unrealistic. 

1-2 adult tutors are present to help guide the individuals in their studies, navigate the computers, tutor the individuals through specific issues and assign homework in-between class sessions.


For more information about the program, contact us at or 412.414.2993



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