Our Beginnings

What does a perfect world look like? 

            Children and adults mingling in a positive atmosphere. 

            People from different ethnic races enjoying one another. 

            Educated individuals socializing and interacting with

                  others who lack education.

           Individuals living maturely and living out of their potential. 

EVO is a 501©3 created in June 2004 to accomplish the mission of reaching out to the surrounding communities through sacrificial services as opportunities are provided for the children and youth to receive social and emotional support and educational empowerment. 

Below are some of the programs that EVO offers.  All of these programs have reached out to the youth and children of our community (3000 plus) while reaching out to their families for over 14 years.  These programs are a result of the staff and community members working together to see the next generation become the leaders for tomorrow. 

  • Friendship House – our home is located within the community.  Community Living is offered as a ‘HOME’ for young adult interns and local youth needing support.  Pastor Chaney and his wife live within the house on a 24 – 7 basis.  A community environment is offered to the interns (free room & board in exchange for their services offered to the youth) .  More than 500 young adults have received training over the last 12 years. 
  • An After-School Program – academically serves more than 50 children yearly.
  • A Summer Day Camp – (80+ children) academic in the morning; recreational in the afternoon for 6 weeks, 8 hours daily – 13 years  
  • Between us Girls (BUGS) and Between us Boys (BUBS) - teaches 4th – high school youth character building, positive decision making, song, dance and hands-on projects.   Bi-monthly performances are scheduled with the song and dance. 
  • The Elm Program – (serves 10 – 15 youth per year) Employment is offered to the youth, Learning is a requirement & Mentoring follows.
  • Middle and High School Basketball – teaches youth development, teamwork and basketball       skills.  The young urban youth develop social skills and the ability to work for a common goal.        Through Urban Impact. 
  • Feeding the hungry- more than 22,000 meals have been served to children 18 and under in   the last year free of charge.  94% of the children attending the local feeder school that we most predominantly work with are part of state free and reduced lunch program. 
  • Summer Food Sites – EVO serves 12 feeding sites throughout the summer using the ELM Program to help with employment. 

Adults Achieve - Obtaining a High School Diploma for adults who were struggling learners while in high school.  A commitment and perseverance can guarantee a success to obtain a diploma.   



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